Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Benjamin dressed up like Mickey Mouse this year.
And I must admit he makes quite a handsome mouse.
Faith dressed up as Minnie Mouse.
And she is quite adorable as well.
Here's Mickey and Minnie together.
And Minnie was fascinated by Mickey's tail because she doesn't have one.
Mickey was just as fascinated by Minnie's ears.
They played outside for quite a bit today.
Then we finalized costumes.
And then played some more.
Finally Grace got home!
She dressed up as a ghost.
And she got to ride her bike and play, too.
Trick or treating doesn't begin until 6:30.
Such a long time for the children to wait.
But finally it was time to get their buckets.
And hit the streets.  
Cars and golf carts full of children lined the sidewalks.  And the candy giving began.  David took the kids while I passed out candy.  He took all three down our street and then dropped Benjamin off with me.  Benjamin helped give out candy and he ate quite a bit while the girls went to some houses a street over.   

Funny story:  Benjamin had a poo poo and I let him sit in it because of the nonstop flow of kids.  One little girl asked me what that horrible smell was.  I told her Benjamin had a stinky diaper and I was going to change him after we finished giving out candy.  Then I offered her some candy and she replied "No thanks.  I think I'll get some from the next.  It smells over here."  Who ever heard of a kid not wanting Halloween candy?  Hilarious.
The kids made out with quite a stash of candy. 
I couldn't believe how much they brought home and I have no idea what we are going to do with it all.  Maybe a Halloween fairy needs to come visit our house...

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