Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Corn maze

Grace went on a field trip today.
To the local corn maze.
And her brother, sister, and I tagged along for the fun of it.
It was gorgeous out and we couldn't wait to enter the maze!
It was so cute watching all those tiny little kindergartens follow through single file.
While I followed behind pushing a great big double stroller with two kids.
These signs made me giggle at first.  Like I could possibly run...
But then my kiddos got hot, tired and hungry and we left the group only to keep running into these signs.  Fun?  Um, not so much.  Finally after 45 minutes I found the exit.  Actually it was the entrance but, hey, we got OUT.  And that was all that mattered to me.
Twenty minutes later I see my darling daughter sauntering out.  Through the correct exit, I might add.  Sad that a bunch of 5 year olds can follow directions better than this 31 year old Momma.  Although they had a map.  I did not.  And while the paths were "supposedly" lableled like the Alabama interstate system, I am convinced they are not.  I-65 did not take me to Mobile and out the exit, I kept ending up in Tuscaloosa which is crazy because the real I-65 goes to Montgomery...
But I digress, next, we headed to the pumpkin patch.
Where each kindergartener selected their very own tiny pumpkin to bring home.
Everyone gathered round for a nice group photo.
And then it was time for the rubber ducky race!
Grace shot her water cannon but alas, her ducky just puddled his way into 3rd place.
Grace and her buddy giggled for a while and acted silly.
Until it was time to shoot corn out the corn cannon.
Then we had time to play.
And it was time fore lunch.    And then I was once again amazed by my little girl.  I was standing by the double stroller with Faith and Benjamin when I heard Grace yell out, "Guys!  We can't eat yet!  We haven't said the blessing!"  I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I worried what other adults would say.  Especially after hearing another child ask, "What's a blessing?"  Then Grace simply responded with, "We have to thank God for our food and blessing us, silly.  You hold your hands like this and close your eyes.  And I'll say the blessing."  And bless her heart and those hearts of all the little children around her because they bowed their heads and listened while she prayed.  And my heart melted and I am so glad that I chose to watch and listen as my little girl planted some seeds in other children's hearts. 
After lunch all the kids received one pink corn seed in a cup with some dirt in it and were told that if they water that corn just a little every day come Thanksgiving they should be able to harvest one, maybe two, ears of sweet corn.  This should be interesting...
And then it was time for us to say farewell to the corn maze.  It's a trip that I will always remember.

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