Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dentist trip

Today Grace and Faith each had a dentist appointment. 
We were encouraged to dress up so we did.
While waiting the girls played video games.
Then the Tooth Fairy came to visit!
She looked for Nemo and Dorie in the fish tank with Grace and Faith.
Grace was excited to be a Tooth Fairy in Training.
Faith was toothpaste.
And Benjamin was a little cavity.  And like a true cavity, he actually ate his tooth that was taped to his shirt...
Then it was time for Grace's exam.
And her cleaning.  Then it was Faith's turn.  Faith wasn't as compliant as Grace so I had to hold her during that exam.  Fortunately, both girls have wonderfully clean teeth, no cavities, and excellent alignment and spacing.  I'm hoping that means no braces in the future...
And then it was time to say farewell.
See you in 6 months, Tooth Fairy!

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