Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Observation by Faith

I was changing Benjamin's diaper when Faith walked over and squatted down quietly beside me.  After a moment she says, "Momma, no-is dat BenBinge has lil tail?"  (Momma, notice that Benjamin has a little tail?)  
Surprised and certain I misunderstood her, I said, "Huh?"  To which Faith replied louder as though I was going deaf, "Momma!  BenBinge has lil tail.  Wite dare!  See?"  (Momma!  Benjamin has a little tail.  Right there!  See?)  Ahhh.  Obviously I had not misunderstood what Faith had noticed.  So I did my best to hurry and cover Benjamin's "lil tail" while trying to decide how best to respond to Faith's newest observation...

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