Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We went to Santa Rosa Beach for a little family vacation.
Our condo was fabulous.
I love the beachy decor.  Especially the throw pillows.  They make the room look so cozy.
And the drapes and blue side table and clock.  I love painted furniture but I'm not quite sure how to bring it home...
I'm so in love with this chair.  I need it for my house.
Don't you adore the curtains around the tub?  I could totally do that at my house...
The girls loved the bunk room.  Each bed had its own tv and dvd player.
My sister has this exact picture in her bathroom in her house...
We enjoyed the sunset from Bud and Alley's
And then the girls snuggled up in their beds.
To watch a movie.
Before we all went to bed for the night.  Benjmain slept in the closet with the girls. 

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