Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decorating a cake plate

We started on a very special Christmas gift today.
A personalized cake plate for Nana who is famous in our family for her cakes.
So Grace and Faith took turns fingerprinting the plate.
Benjamin tried to take away their snacks to eat them.
Then we started painting individual faces to represent each of Nana and Gran's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Come this May they will have been married for SIXTY years.  Wow!  And they have the family to prove it.
The people represented are colored coded and described by family below: 
Terry (son), Diane (Terry's wife), Matt (grandson), Kim (Matt's wife), Avery (great-granddaughter), Mattie (great-granddaughter), Timothy (grandson), Emilee (Timothy's wife), Lee (great-grandson),
Randy (son), Sheila (Randy's wife), Justin (grandson),
Donna (daughter), Freddie (Donna's husband), Charity (granddaughter - that's me!), David (my wonderful husband), Grace (great-granddaughter), Faith (great-granddaughter), Benjamin (great-grandson), Chloe (great-granddog), Hope (granddaughter), Seth (grandson),
Tracy (daughter), Todd (Tracy's husband), Derick (grandson), Crystal (Derick's wife), Lance (great-grandson), Kerry (grandson), Laura (Kerry's wife), Eli (great-grandson), Kira (granddaughter), Jacob (great-grandson)
 And this is how it turned out after glazing and firing..We left the stand separate so Nana could use the top as a platter or a cake stand.  It's multifunctional. 
We had such an awesome time at Paint N Parrot.  It's our new favorite fun spot and we can hardly wait to make something else.  I hope Nana and Gran like their gift as much as I do.  We love you!

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