Friday, April 11, 2014

Field Day

Today was Field Day at Grace's school.
The festivities began with a fun run.
Fifth graders went first so we waited a while.
Then it was snack time!
Faith hung with Grace and some of the older kids.
Then water sports!
That was quite fun!
Meanwhile, Faith climbed a fence.
And Grace got soaked.
After that we headed over to the three-legged race.
And then the kids cooled off with a leaky cup race.
Grace's cup was extra-leaky.
But she didn't mind a bit.
She really cooled off.
While Benjamin used Faith as a road for his race car.
Then it was tug of war.
And those kids pulled with all their might.
And Benjamin had a meltdown.  He was hot and tired and let everyone know it.
Fortunately, the activities finally came to a close.
And we headed inside for lunch.  What a fantastic day.

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