Thursday, April 10, 2014


We found another snake in the pool today.
I was fairly certain it was harmless so I let the children play with it at arms length.
I want my kids to be fearless and they are.
They each wanted a turn holding the snake.
Here's a close-up of our little fellow.
It's hard to tell but I have confirmed all snakes in this area (with the exception of the coral snake) with round black eyes are non-venomous to us.  All venomous snacks (again with the exception of the coral snake) here have elliptical shaped (cat eyes).  This guy is harmless.
Grace was fascinated.
And so was Faith.  She really surprised me with her bravery/
We decided to keep him in an empty peanut butter jar overnight for further observation.  Then we will let him go over the fence.  I  don't mind snakes but I prefer them to live in the woods behind our fence instead of in our pool.

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