Monday, April 14, 2014

Grace lost her first tooth

Today we realized that Grace had a permanent tooth growing in behind her baby tooth.  So we called her dentist and they worked her in and pulled her two bottom teeth.
And Dr. Jones gave Grace a tiny little pink treasure chest for the tooth fairy.

The next morning Grace found a tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy and two whole dollars, as well.
She was utterly delighted.  Hot pink is her favorite color and she loves money.
As soon as she read the letter, Grace asked, "Mom, is the Tooth Fairy for real?  'Cause her writing looks just like yours."  Can't pull anything over on her.  So of course I divulged the truth.  I'm a firm believer in telling my the kids the honest-to-goodness truth anytime they ask me a question.  That's a whole other discussion but if your kids can't believe you with the little things, they'll never trust you on the ones that really matter...

It makes my heart a little sad to see Grace growing up so fast but I am in awe of the beautiful, kind, intelligent little lady she is growing into. I am so blessed.

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