Monday, November 19, 2012

A great Great-grandmother

This week we drove down to the St. Pete area in Florida to visit a very special lady.
David's grandmother - my kids' great-grandmother.  She'll be 90 in April.
Grace has been so excited to go see her "Great great-grandmother."  She was too young to remember that GreatGrandmother came to visit us in Omaha when Grace turned 1.  And she doesn't remember seeing her when she last came to Charlotte for Christmas.  So Grace has been talking pretty much nonstop about seeing her again.  In fact, I think she's more excited about visiting Great Grandmother than she is about going to Disney.
In fact, the night before our trip Grace and I were talking and she wanted to know if she would get to meet Great-grandmother's daddy.  I told her that he had already died so we couldn't meet him yet.  Then Grace wanted to know if she would get to meet Great-grandmother's husband.  I told her no, he had died, too. 
Grace replied, "That's so sad.  Does Great-grandmother have any children?"  And I said, "Yes.  Pappy is Great-grandmother's son."  Grace paused for a minute and said, "But Pappy doesn't live with Great-grandmother!  Who lives with Great-grandmother?"  I told her that Great-grandmother lived alone and that's why we were going to visit her.
Grace teared up and said, "Momma, that's so sad!  Great-grandmother must be so lonely!"  After a moment, she followed with, "But I'll make her so happy when she sees me!"  And indeed she did. 

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