Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swimming in November

We finally arrived at our hotel at Disney.
It's amazing how much luggage we brought.
Benjamin was super excited about finally getting out of his car seat.
And he was content to sit by the pool and watch everyone swim.
And both my girls enjoy swimming.
And playing in the little fountain.
And everyone enjoyed the warm water and a little exercise after a long car ride.
I'm so glad our hotel had an outdoor heated pool. 
They didn't swim for long but everyone enjoyed every minute of it.  Funny thing to note:  Faith said she was ready to get out so we went to the hotel room and she was almost near hysteria trying waiting to get her diaper on.  Why?  Because she needed to go potty and knows to not tee-tee in the swimming pool.  So her little bladder was about to burst and she wanted her diaper on.  Now please explain to me why she won't go in the potty?  Obviously she pool trained.  Now I just need to un-diaper train her...

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