Monday, November 5, 2012


Today I started painting our master bedroom.
And Faith really wanted to help.
She kept saying, "I hep you peent, Momma!  I willy tare-ful and sew-ee."  (I help you paint, Momma.  I'm really careful and I will paint slowly.)
So I painted the outline of a heart and let her fill it in.  And she did all the while saying, "I luv my hart, Momma.  It's so lee-ull.  Lie me!  It willy spess-ull.   Lie me!"  (I love my heart, Momma.  It's so little.  Like me!  It's really special.  Like me!)
She was extra careful and did a great job.  Then she looked at me and asked, "It purrfit, Momma?"  (Is it perfect, Momma?)  And of course I told her it was.
Then she shocked me by taking a bow and saying, "Yew weltum!"  (You're welcome!)
When Grace got home from school she helped paint, too.
And just like her sister she was meticulous in her work.  This room will be finished before David gets home.

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