Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Richmond Wedding

This weekend David and I had the pleasure of attending another wedding.
We flew to Richmond and stayed at the Jefferson Hotel.  It was gorgeous and we found some goodies in our room courtesy of the bride and groom.  Our bag included German candies, Nutella, sugar cookies shaped like Virginia with a heart on Richmond, chocolates from a New Orleans chocolatier, and so much more!  What a thoughtful surprise.
Soon we headed out and enjoyed pizza and friends at the rehearsal dinner.
The next was gorgeous as we to Historic Tredegar for the ceremony. 
Here we are!
And here's another friendly couple.
Here's Ulf with his two high school buddies.  The handsome one on the right is my dear hubby.
The site was gorgeous.
As was the ceremony.
Everything went off perfectly as far as I could tell.
Ring bearer and flower girl were precious.
And so was Dixie!
Kate, the bride, was magnificent.

Ulf's stepmother read a passage from 1 Corinthians in German.

And soon Kate and Ulf were husband and wife.
We wish them a lifetime of love and laughter.
And we were so honored to be guests as they begin their lives together.  Best wishes!

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