Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten recognition

Today is Kindergarten recognition.
Grace eagerly waited for the school bus.
And then it was time for the program to begin.
The kindergartners sang, "You Raise Me Up" to all us parents.  And my heart melted.
Then it was time to get their diplomas.
They even got to wear caps.
Grace was the first in her class since they went alphabetically.
Then we went back to her classroom to say goodbye to her teacher.
Faith and Benjamin came along to support their big sister.
My heart simply cannot hold all the love I have for this little girl.   My heart overflows with pride from all that she has accomplished this year.  She can read - really read - all by herself.  She's a whiz at math.  She's made friends and matured so much.  She's developing into such a bright, compassionate, and special little lady.  As her kindergarten year comes to a close, I welcome this bittersweet ending as the magic of learning continues to unfold and adventure awaits us this summer.  I am so grateful to be her mother and friend and I know that the best is yet to come.

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