Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day breakfast

For Mother's Day Grace's kindergarten class invited all their mothers to breakfast.
The wall was decorated with descriptions of Moms spelled just the way the kids spelled them.  I particularly love the spelling of "bufl" (beautiful) and "smort" (smart).
We had muffins and fruit and cheese.  Even little powdered donuts.
The kids had made flowered centerpieces.
And handpainted muffin trays.  Grace gave me green polka dots because she knows I love green.
Then they laminated their Mommy is Special paper.  Grace thinks I'm 60 years old.  Apparently, I'm the oldest mom in the class.  And I make the best "pot spicrs" (pot stickers).
I thoroughly enjoyed my Mother's Day breakfast today.  It was the best one yet.

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