Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grace's recital

After Benjamin's birthday party, we all drove over to Mobile.
To enjoy Grace's dance recital.
Faith was tired and wanted to rest in the stroller.
Benjamin just wanted to crawl in and out while making funny noises and faces.
Meanwhile, I helped Grace get into her costume.
She posed for a bit and then the recital began.
It started with a funny dance by some of the dads.
We had to wait about 20 minutes before Grace came on.  She was awesome!  Then it was intermission.
After intermission and another 20 minutes, Grace was a little bumble bee for her second dance.
She wowed me again.
She looked so beautiful on stage.
And did a fantastic job.
After 4 hours of different dances and intermissions, it was finally time for the finale dance.  Grace totally rocked it!  And as much as I enjoyed watching her again this year, I think this may be her last year of dance class.  We are going to try karate and gymnastics instead.  This was much too long.  It started at 4 and didn't end until after 8.  No one warned us it was going to be that long.  Just imagine two kids under two without dinner or their beds...  Faith begged us to go home because she was hungry.  We bribed her with skittles since food was not allowed in the auditorium.  

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