Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party time!

It's time to party!
We started by showing Benjamin his cakes.
And then we sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.
We sang more than once.
Benjamin was more intrigued by the candle than he was his cake.
But he liked the cake, too.
He gently took a tiny taste test.
And tried it out.
Then he went for a much larger slice.

After that, we decided to open presents.
He had his big sisters there to help him out.
But he insisted he could do it himself.
Playing with the bows is more fun anyway.
He enjoyed his Thomas the Train ride on, courtesy of Aunt Hope and Uncle Seth.
Faith liked Benjamin's Turtle.
She toted it around for a bit.
While Benjamin played with his new dump truck.
And then it was time for naps.  What a fun party.

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