Friday, May 13, 2011

Me and my babies in the sand

Since my sister Hope was in town and we were at the beach yesterday, I asked her to take a few photos of me with both of my girls in the sand.  Hence the color-coordinated clothing.
 And our pictures turned out quite lovely.  Much better than I imagined. 
Hope is a wonderful photographer but my girls are pretty squirmy. 
I've decided it's almost impossible to get a perfect shot of both girls smiling at the same time in the general direction of the camera.  But that's my girls in real life.  Always on the move...
 Regardless though, Hope captured a number of different shots that I simply adore.
 Like this one where I was tickling Faith's little leg.  Her legs are so ticklish!
 But out of all the photos taken I think this is my favorite.
However, this one is a close runner-up.  It's so typical Grace, bursting with so much energy and excitement that she just can't sit still...and Faith watching every little move her big sister makes...

Because I didn't want to wear my girls out before we actually played in the sand, I called a halt to our impromptu photo session and we headed to the pavilion to change into our bathing suits.  And then out to the ocean to enjoy the surf.  Minus my camera.  This rest of our day was scheduled with nothing else but fun, fun, fun! 

Thank you, Hope, for the gorgeous photos and for spending the weekend with us.  We really enjoyed your visit and I'll cherish these pictures forever.  Come back and visit us soon and please stay longer next time!

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