Friday, May 13, 2011

Playing at the beach

After taking some pretty pictures in the sand we put on our bathing suits.
 Grace and Faith admired the view while Aunt Hope and their Momma lathered up in sunscreen.
 They look so darling in their matching suits.
 Soon it was lotion time for my girls.
 Faith started crawling right over.  But she didn't like her knees touching the concrete.
 So she stood up and demanded we come and get her.  Apparently, she isn't quite ready for those first steps.
 Then I plopped the girls back in the sand for a few more quick shots.
 Since Faith doesn't particularly care for the sand, her big sister helped her stand up.
 Faith tolerates the sand better when she's on her feet.
 Grace was so sweet and tried to help Faith walk.
 But Faith just couldn't yet. 
So Grace comfortered her by saying, "Faith!  It's okay, doorling (darling).  Draycee-momma (Gracie-momma) is here."  Grace likes to pretend that she's a momma, too.  She really has an amazing mothering instinct.  

After these few pictures, I packed the camera and our clothes away in the car and then we all headed further down the beach for a fun after in the sand, sun, and surf.
 Then much too soon it was time to head home.  Hope and I loaded the girls into our car and Faith konked out almost immediately.  Grace, however, played a bit longer.  She was delirious I think.
She took this plastic bag and wrapped it on her head calling it her sun hat.  Next time we go to the beach I should probably give her a real sunhat.  And no I did not make her wear a plastic baggy on her head...

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