Friday, May 20, 2011

Visiting Charlotte: Strawberry pickin'

Today we took the kids to the strawberry patch to do some pickin'.
And just like last year, we started at the Berry Amazing Maze.
And like last year, Grace thought outside the maze...
And then she watched while Stephen found his way out.
He improvised, as well.
Faith tried climbing over at first.
Then she tried going under.
Then Luke came over for some encouragement.
And he showed her the way out.
Then we headed to the fields.
Stephen looked closely for berries.
And started piling them into his container.
Faith got down on the ground for some berry pickin' too.
See!  She found one!
And tasted it, too.  They were very sweet.
Grace found that the best berries are hidden underneath leaves.
 After all of our berry picking, we were ready for some refreshments.
 What better than strawberry smoothies?
 Then Luke discovered a strawberry height chart.
 Then Faith went over to investigate it.
 Followed by Grace.
 Grace wanted to know "how high" she was.
 Then MeeMee showed Grace how tall she was.  Grace thinks MeeMee is really tall.
 Next, Stephen and Grace wrestled a bit trying to decided which of them was the tallest.
 After that the kids took turns pretending they had different bodies.
 That was a lot of fun.
 Even Faith enjoyed it.
 Then we headed over to look at the chickens.
 Stephen and Luke looked like best buddies.
 It wasn't long before we were all hot, tired, and ready to go.
 It was the end of strawberry season so our tubs were only half full.
But it was the family time spent together making memories that we truly enjoyed.

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