Sunday, May 22, 2011

Visiting Charlotte: Playing outside

One thing we did almost every day during our visit to Charlotte was play outside!
Sometimes we'd play in the sandbox.
Or pretend to be cowboys and cowgirls.
We'd hunt for lizards.
And then use them for target practice.  (Please note:  No animals were actually harmed during our visit.)
Sometimes, Stephen would play Tarzan looking for his Jane.
Jane could often be found just hanging out.
Then Tarzan would join her.
Sometimes we were snakes slithering in the grass.
Other times we just enjoyed simple snacks in the sunshine.
Faith took some of her first steps outside.
Even though she wasn't happy about it.
Joe could always be counted as a great adventure guide.
And a fast spinning windmill.
Spinning the kids around and around.
Upside down, of course.
 When not being twirled around, Grace wanted to make Faith feel included by tickling her with a leaf.
I don't think Faith was too fond of that leaf tickling her. 
But she loves her sister madly, just like her sister loves her.

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