Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walking and riding through Gator Alley

Today we decided to stroll through 'Gator Alley.
 There's a nice little boardwalk that made our stroll quite pleasant.
 Even Chloe was excited to go.
 Grace needed some help up the hills.
 And Faith just gnawed on her strollers.  She's got some serious teething going on.
Grace loved riding her big girl bike.
 She's getting better at it every day.
 And what's a walk through Gator Alley without seeing some gators?
 It was a big gator, too.
 While the girls and I gazed at the gators, David hijacked Grace's bicycle.
 And rode it down the hill.
 Then Grace took off after her bicycle bandit.
And after we apprehended him, we finished our walk and headed back home.

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