Monday, May 9, 2011

Water finder

We went to the pier to watch the sun set when we saw something floating in the water.
Curiously enough, it seemed to be floating toward us.  So David got down on the lower level of the pier and reached his arm out.  Lo and behold, it floated right to his hand.  Almost as if it wanted him to pick it up.
This is what David caught.  An odd shaped piece of wood that strangely resembles that of a water finder.  What is a water finder you ask?  According to our friend Merriam Webster, a water finder is a forked implement consisting of wood that is said to dip down or shake to indicate water.
So, Grace, of course, had to test it out.
"It's pointing to water, Momma!"
"It's pulling me to the water!"
And surely enough, it pointed Grace to the water.
Grace tried to trick it by pointing in another direction.  But amazingly it still pointed at water!
No matter how hard she tried, Grace just couldn't trick her mystical water stick.
Chloe just watched in awe.
Faith was so amazed she tried crawling to it.
Faith wanted a closer look.
And still she remained perplexed by the stick's uncanny power.
Grace is convinced her stick is magical.  So we took it home to rest its powers until the next time we need help finding water in the bay.

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