Friday, July 8, 2011

Adventures at Nanna's house

Nanna always has some of the most interesting things to discover at her house.
 Unusual things, too.
 She gave Grace her very first fig.
 Picked right from a tree by her back door.
 Much to my surprise, Grace took a bite of it.
 Nanna's figs are surprisingly sweet.  One of these days I hope Nanna will show me how to make fig preserves.
 The girls also had fun playing with bubbles on Nanna's doorstep.
 We've been using bubbles to teach Faith to blow in preparation for her 1st birthday.
 We also played bucket head after dark.
 Grace found buckets and put them on everyone's head.
 Chloe included.
We had a wonderful time at Nanna and Gran's house these couple of days.  It brings back childhood memories of my own.  I hope to bring the girls back again sometime really soon.

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