Monday, July 18, 2011

Fishing with MeeMee and Pappy

We decided to go to the pier today and enjoy the outdoors together.
And try a bit of fishing as well.
It was so beautiful out.
Pappy sat for a while pondering.
Meanwhile MeeMee tossed the castnet a few times trying to catch some bait.
Pappy decided to get some exercise, too.
Then we caught our first fish!
Grace showed us how big it was.
Then she helped her Daddy set that fish free.
Faith convinced MeeMee to get her out of the stroller and let her walk for a while.
And Grace fished some more.  She has progressed to the adult rods - with real hooks!
Then she swung her rod back and exclaimed, "Look guys!  I caught a bait fish!"
Next, Grace insisted on taking a few photographs of everyone.
And MeeMee and Pappy along with Grace, Faith, and David piled onto a bench to enjoy the sunset while waiting for another fish to get caught on a line.
The sunset was beautiful.
But the time spent with family was the highlight of my evening.

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