Saturday, July 23, 2011

Faith's 1st birthday party: Cake, family, and decorations

Faith had a "Sweet as can BEE" birthday party.
And as usual, I went all out making her cake.
The little bees are a cookie version of a cake pop.
And of course Faith gets her own cake.
She also had lots of presents from her aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
Before the festivities began, Grace opened a present from MeeMee.
And Faith helped.
Grace got a baby she can play dress up with!  She loves her and takes her everywhere.
Faith wasn't too interested in opening her present just yet.
I had ordered bee-themed monogrammed shirts and matching tutus for the girls.  And they arrived just in the nick of time.  Literally, an hour before our party.  Grace adored hers.  Of course...
Then I got my picture made with the birthday girl.
And so did her Daddy.
We took a festive family picture - Chloe included.
Then Faith had her picture made with her MeeMee.
MeeMee and Pappy were certainly in the  party mood!
Here is everyone ready to cut the cake and celebrate Faith's first birthday! 
MeeMee and Pappy, David, me, Queenie, Seth, Granddaddy, Aunt Hope, and Grace and Faith

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