Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today we went to Dauphin Island.
Specifically to the Estuarium.
It was our first time to visit.  And it was amazing.
There was plenty of room for Faith to walk around.
And all kinds of interesting things to explore.
We could even touch some of the preserved animals like this sting ray.
And like this tortoise.
Who knew pufferfish could be found in Mobile Bay?
And octopus and squid?
We saw tiny seahorses swimming around.
And this cute little guy.  It had the most amazing blue eyes.
Every corner had something new to observe and learn about.
We were fascinated by this octopus.
I've never seen one so close before.
Grace was really sweet and helped keep Faith entertained.
Actually, Faith was easily entertained with the fish.  In fact, we all were.
And we found all sorts of unusual things to interact with.
After today, Grace may grow up to be a deep sea diver.  Or marine biologist.
She still has some growing to do though.  Right now she's barely as big as a redfish.
Her Daddy's almost the size of a dolphin.
Much too soon it was time to leave.  But first we got a souvenir penny.
It's a small obsession I've passed on to Grace.
Then we went for a quick stroll outside before everyone's blood sugar crashed.
All I had in my purse were mini Oreos.  Note to self:  Mini Oreos are exceptionally messy in the hands of a 1 year old.
We brought a close to the day by sharing a nice seafood dinner at the River Shack. 

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