Thursday, July 7, 2011

We painted Nanna's kitchen

The girls and I drove to Linden to my Nanna and Gran's house.
We had an agenda - paint Nanna's kitchen!
 This is what it looked like for the last 30 years or so.
Even Faith was eager to help!
So we took the cabinet doors off and brought them outside to paint.
 We even painted the ceiling.  Seth is a messy painter, can't you tell?
 Nanna couldn't resist peeking in.  And I think she looks pretty pleased.
Here is her kitchen afterwards.  So bright and cheery!
The upper cabinets are a bright, Springy blue. 
The bottom cabinets and walls are white.  And countertops a cheerful, country yellow.  We also painted her accent telephone wall yellow and her mother's chair yellow, but it needs another coat or two.
Afterwards, we were all tired and covered in paint.  But very, very satisfied and pleased with our hardwork.  Faith included.

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