Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day celebration

Happy Independence Day!
We went the Battleship today.
And walked around the planes.
And tanks.
And the Battleship, too.
Then we pitched our tent.
And rested in our chairs eating a little picnic.
The girls ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
David and I ate meatloaf cooked in Mason jars.  A fabulous idea by the way, cleanup is super simple!
We even let Chloe have a little taste.
We enjoyed tailgating most of the afternoon.
And then we walked closer to the Battleship in anticipation of the fireworks.
We stood in honor of our country while the orchestra played the Star Spangled Banner.
And then we let the girls play with glow sticks.
Daddy went to the bathroom and came back with a surprise.
Ice cream for everyone!
Faith had her first ice cream cone.
And made quite the mess with it.
And she enjoyed every bite.
Chloe helped clean her up.
Then we all climbed into our chairs to await the fireworks display.
And it was quite spectacular.
After the first display, Grace exclaimed, "This is the best firework ever!"  After the second, she said, "Momma it's too close!  It's gonna burn me!"  And then she buried her head in my chest and said, "I want to go home!"  I couldn't believe it.  And at one point, David had Faith, Grace, and Chloe in his lap.  Next year I think we'll watch from one of the planes instead of right next to the Battleship...

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