Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching a Show and Tell

Grace is learning about amphibians in school and each Friday they have Show and Tell.  So I promised Grace that we would catch her an amphibian for this week's Show and Tell.
 So we headed to the pond hunting for frogs today.  But it was too hot to find any.  I'm not exactly certain what amphibians do during the hot of an Alabama summer day, but apparently they do not loung around in the sun waiting for a 3 year old and her Momma to catch it and put it in a jar.
 So Grace and I went inside to cool off and enjoy a snack.  Then we came back out when the skeeters (mosquitos) came out.  Frogs eat bugs, y'know.  And what better time to catch a frog than when the bug eating is best?  As soon as the sun starts to go down our state bird, the mosquito, comes out in full force!
We had quite a bit of success!  Grace caught this small frog in her net.  We already captured another, bigger frog as we walked out the door.  She (Grace insists it's a she) was sitting by the door to our elevator.   After telling Grace she could only put one frog in our Mason jar, she decided to let the little one go.
 So her is Grace's Show and Tell for tomorrow. 
Grace named her "PUH-seel-uh!"  (Priscilla)  I have no idea where that name came from!  But as soon as we brought Priscilla inside, can you believe that frog relieved her bladder all in my jar?  Apparently Priscilla had been holding her bladder for quite some time.  She put a good 1/2 inch in my jar!  Therefore, according to Grace, Priscilla needed a bath.  oh boy. 

So I grabbed the net and dumped Priscilla in it over the sink.  Then I rinsed out the jar and tried to hose that frog off.  I even made sure the water was tepid so as not to scare or kill the frog.  Priscilla, however, didn't appreciate the efforts I went to and tried to hop away to freedom.  I did what any woman would do.  I screamed.  And so did Grace.  But David just laughed like a coyote.  All our commotion managed to encourage Priscilla to hop even harder.  Fortunately, I caught her mid-air with the jar before she got out of my sink.  Now Priscilla is safe and sound and semi-dry in her Mason jar home for the night.  I can hardly wait to see what Grace's teacher thinks of her show and tell tomorrow.  And then tomorrow night that frog is going back to the pond.  No matter what.

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