Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grace walks in her first fashion show

Our local Belks was having a children's fashion show this weekend and Grace participated.
She got to select whatever she wanted to wear from their fall line. 
 Of course, she picked a dress with pink in it!
 Grace liked posing in the dressing room.
And making silly faces, too.  She's such a character!  After she was dressed, we went to the practice room to practice walking.  Grace didn't want to practice.  She suddenly turned shy and buried her head in my leg and whispered, "I don't want to."  So I told her she didn't have to and we could go home.  But first she had to take her dress off.  She didn't want to do that either.  Then it was time to line up!  So I put her in line and walked away.  Of course, I sneaked back through the clothes trying to hide from her to see how she was doing.  I was fully prepared to pull her out of the fashion show at the first sign of tears or fright.
 To my surprise, she was having a great time chatting up all the other girls around her.
 And then she called me silly!  So I finally left feeling a little less nervous for her.
Until I saw the crowd ready to watch the show.  There were so many people that I couldn't find room to sit or stand at the end of the makeshift runway.  So I stood by the models instead.  Can you find David?  He's peeking out from the crowd.  He managed to find a seat so he could record Grace.
 Before we knew it, Grace was up!
 She looked a little nervous nibbling on her fingernails.
 But then Grace marched right out there like she owned that runway!
 And she stopped on the flower just like she was supposed to.
She posed there for a bit until everyone clapped and then she walked off her runway like it was no big deal.  I would have never believed she was nervous and shy and didn't even practice.  She was so sweet and confident.  Just like her Daddy.  I would have been a nervous wreck in her shoes.  But then again, I'm an introvert.   

Here's the video of Grace's first fashion show!

She enjoyed it so much that she said she wanted to do it again. 

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