Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancing makes her heart so happy

Today is Grace's first day of dance class!  She was so excited and wanted to put her dance clothes on as soon as she got home from school.
First she put on her tap/jazz outfit.
I can't believe how growny she looks!
Then Grace tap, tap, tapped across our tile.
And proudly exclaimed, "I just LOVE to dance!"  That she certainly does.
Next, we put on her ballet clothes.
And Grace showed me how a ballerina dances.
I think Grace may have gotten her dance skills from her Momma.
She definitely got my coordination.
After dancing for a while, Grace plopped down at her desk slightly out of breath and pronounced, "Momma, you make my heart so happy."
 "You see, Momma!  My heart sees you!"  And my heart just melted.
Before we knew it, it was time for dance class!  Grace had so much fun and came home full of excitement.  She told me how they started with running around in a great big circle and then they jumped on a "Jump-o-lene" (trampoline).  Next, they danced and danced and danced some more.  Unfortunately the parents aren't allowed to watch the classes.  They don't want the students distracted.  But I did stay for the first half hour and the director peeked in the class and told me that Grace was "dancing all over the place" and was obviously having a great time.  
I just knew from all the little dance parties we have here at home that Grace would absolutely love dance class.  I'm so glad she enjoys it.  Seeing Grace so happy dancing around in her tap shoes and ballet slippers "makes my heart super duper happy."

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