Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

And finally it was time to celebrate Christmas with just us.
Grace and Faith woke up bright and early.
And started opening presents.
Faith really liked her new chair.
And Grace has been wanting an umbrella for quite some time.
But Grace was super excited about her big present.
And she started snapping pictures right away.
Faith got a big present, too.  This is her touchpad-music-playing-microphone-thingamajig-toy.  It's very cool.
It took a while for Faith to figure it out, but she really loves her new toy.
And we didn't forget Chloe, either.  That's the biggest bone she's ever seen and she gnawed on it for hours.  It will take her weeks to finish it off.
Then I suprised David with the new T-fal ActiFryer.  It's actually more for me, though.  I crave french fries all the time.  And this cooks 2 pounds with only 1 tablespoon of oil.  And they actually taste deep fried.  Yum yum!
I took a nap after all the excitement.  I stayed tired a lot now.  When I woke up David and the girls surprised me with a decadent chocolate brownie cake for my birthday.  How sweet.  They fill my heart until it's overflowing.  How did I ever become so fortunate?

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