Friday, December 30, 2011

A day at the beach

It has been so spectacularly beautiful outside that we just couldn't resist a trip to one of our favorite places.
The beach!
Faith is finally getting to the point where she enjoys our visits there.
She especially loves having her Daddy toss her in the air.
However, she doesn't like me tossing her around for some reason.
So I just snuggle with her.
The girls had a fabulous time searching for sea shells.
Then Faith laid down in the sand.
And made sand angels.  
That's a Southerner's version of a snow angel since we don't get snow here very often.
After a while we built a sand castle.  Really it's more a sand mountain.  Or maybe a volcano.
And then the girls spied the birds.
And they were off!
My girls are persistent if nothing else.
Every time we come to the beach, Grace and Faith chase those poor birds all over the place determined to catch one.  It's probably my fault.  Grace has been wanting a pet bird for as long as I remember.  And I told her that if she could catch a bird, we'd give it a home...
Fortunately for me, they didn't catch one.  Yet.  We really enjoyed an exceptionally warm winter day today.  And hopefully we can do this all again sometime soon.

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