Friday, December 9, 2011

Making a gingerbread village

This year we decided to make a gingerbread village instead of just one house.
I thought that both my girls would enjoy decorating their own little house.
But Faith was much more interested in eating the decorations that putting them on her house.
So Grace took over and iced all the tiny houses.
And Faith covered all the houses with the candy she didn't like - those itty bitty hard ball candy.
I think they're supposed to be sprinkles, but they were as hard as rocks.
The girls did an excellent job.
And David and I admired Faith and Grace's hard work before letting the kids dig in and enjoy.  As a side note, in my and David's opinion, store-bought gingerbread houses do not taste that great.  And the icing tastes like glue.  But Faith and Grace both seemed to love it. 

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