Monday, December 26, 2011

Give a kid a camera

Grace has had quite a time with her camera.  She takes pictures of the most random things.
Like her feet.
Boxes ready to go to the recycling dumpster.
The window in our front door.
Our wedding pictures.  
The inside of her stocking.  I think she was investigating to see if Santa made another surprise stop.
Her big toe.
Her little sister Faith.
Many a self portrait.  This is her happy face.
This is her mean girl face.
Grace made pictures of our ceiling.  They look so high from her viewpoint. 
More pictures of Faith.
Closeups of Faith's nose.
Then pictures of her toes.
And finally such a closeup shot of Grace's own nostril that everything just turned out red.  I'm not sure who is going to enjoy the new camera more - me or Grace.  She likes taking the photos and I like seeing the world through her eyes.

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