Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas train ride

So we came back today to ride the BIG train.
Faith certainly was excited!
But first we rode the little train again.  We never tire of it.
Then it was BIG train time!
We shared a bag of kettle corn.
My girls love popcorn - especially when it's carmelized!
Then bubbles, I mean snow, blew through our cabin door and we were off to the North Pole!
There we saw Santa Claus.  Faith does not like Santa.
Grace, however, adores Santa.  She sat right on his lap and asked him for a pink camera.
Then we decorated the girls' souvenir wooden trains.
Those trains are handmade by elves, y'know.
David took a hand at decorating.
And I did, too.
Here's both Grace and Faith's trains.  How cute are they?
While waiting for our train ride back to the station, the girls and I played peekaboo.
Then Grace gave her elf a big hug goodbye and we headed back to the train station.
There we were met with hot chocolate.
And cookies.  It doesn't get much better than that.

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