Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dunnam family Christmas party

Today we celebrated Christmas in Monroeville with my mother's family the Dunnams.
We decorated and feasted on turkey, dressing, dumplings, sweet potatoes, and so much food I can't even remember it all.  It was delicious!  And if anyone left hungry, it was their own fault...
The kids had a big castle to decorate.  Grace was all over that.
Faith was a bit hesitant at first.
But she quickly warmed up.
All the kids enjoyed it.
Speaking of kids, it's really hard to get all of them together for a good picture.
Here they all are squished together, but notice not all of them are looking...
Grace and Avery wanted to be Rudolph.
Then the kids took turns playing gymnastics. 
With Aunt Di's help, of course.  Grace tends to be quite clumsy on her own.
The the grandkids opened their presents.  This little rabbit plays hide-n-go-seek with you.  It has a battery operated carrot and then it wheels around looking for it.
Grace and Avery did a great job hiding with the carrot.
But Faith had other ideas for that poor bunny.  Poor thing never did find it's carrot.
Then it was time for Dirty Santa!
There were lots of good gifts this year.
But Dirty Santa's not dirty without someone playing a joke on somebody.  Aunt Di's got my Daddy's punch bowl.  He almost had a heart attack when she opened it.  But he managed to go home with it.  It was just a prank, after all.
Then we took family pictures.  This is Uncle Terry's bunch.  
Uncle Randy's family.
My family!
Aunt Tracy's brood.
Nanna and Gran with their young'uns.
And Nanna and Gran with all their great-grandbabies.  None of them were happy about this photo.
And finally here's our great big family.  Unfortunately, not everyone was in attendance.  Kevin had left and Lynn wasn't able to come.  Neither was Kerry, Laura, and Eli.  While we missed them all, we had one more thing to do.
After all, what's a Dunnam get-together without a bonfire?
A great big bonfire.  A great big controlled bonfire.  
It was the perfect ending to a wonderful family event.  I can't wait until we do it again.

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