Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spanish Fort Christmas parade

This morning was the Spanish Fort Christmas parade.
And Grace woke up bright and early ready to march.
Faith, however, was more than a little uncertain about all the festivities.
In fact, I held her and tried to dance a bit with her as the marching bands passed by playing Christmas carols. But Faith just buried her head in my shoulder and yelled, "No! No! No!"
Then Grace's dance group came by.  The older girls danced and marched as darling toy soldiers.  
Then we saw Grace!  And once again she was smiling, and waving, and shouting "Merry Christmas" to everyone she passed.
Next, Hope, Queenie, Faith, and I walked across the shopping mall to the center parking lot so we could watch as Grace passed by again.
And we caught a moon pie.  My girls adore moon pies.
That moon pie really transformed Faith's outlook.  She started to get pretty excited about all the goodies being passed her way.
 Then we saw Grace a second time just as cheerful as ever.
Faith was too occupied with a mouthful of candy to wave back.
After racing to the back side of the shopping mall we finally saw Grace pass by her third and final time.
Then I picked her up and we waved as Santa passed by on the firetruck.
What a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning.
And even my tiny little Scrooge enjoyed it.

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