Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bread for the seagulls

It just so happened that we had some leftover homemade bread lying around the kitchen. 
So the girls and I decided to feed it to the birds.  Literally.
We walked to the pier and took turns tossing pieces out to the seagulls.  And Faith yelled, "Burd!  Burd!"  (bird!  bird!) over and over as they swooped down to eat.  Both of my girls have always loved birds and get very excited whenever they see one.
And the seagulls swarmed around us trying to catch every tiny morsel.
Grace especially enjoyed tossing it out while Chloe tried to sneak in a few bites.
And after Faith realized what it was we were feeding those birds, she started sneaking big bites, too.
We stayed out there even after all the bread was gone just enjoying a lovely day outside with each other.  Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring the greatest pleasure. 

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