Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fairhope children's consignment sale

The timing of finding out we are expecting a little boy this May couldn't have been better.  Just a few days after we discovered we were having a boy, Fairhope had their semi-annual children't consignment sale and I really racked up.
 These are just a few of my favorites for our little boy.
 And of course I bought both the girls stuff, too.  Here are Faith's clothes.
And these are Grace's.  One thing I've really noticed about these consignment sales is that a ton of stuff can be found for kids in sizes 3T and under, but once you get bigger than that the pickings becomes quite slim.  I guess soon I'll start having to buy Grace brand new stuff.  Regardless though we are set for this summer I think.  Especially since I went back on 1/2 price day and bought a whole lot more...+

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