Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting for the birdies

My girls have been waiting patiently to catch a bird eating from our homemade feeders.
Grace, especially sits quietly at the window almost every morning before school.
Just hoping some bird will come and eat.
Even Chloe likes to keep watch.  Actually, she climbs into our lemon tree pot and tries to sneak a lick of peanut butter off our feeder.  Grace does not tolerate that at all.  If she sees Chloe out there, Grace yells, "NOOOO!" as she chases Chloe back inside.  Poor Chloe.  All she wants is a treat.
And then there's Faith.  She loves to see the birds on the porch, but quite often scares them away by dashing to the window while yelling, "Burd!  Burd!"  (bird! bird!).
Then she just turns and looks at me and asks, "Wared it doe?"  (Where did it go?)  Eventually those birds will realize that she is on the other side of the glass window or perhaps Faith will learn to be a bit stealthier and quieter.  It will be interesting to see which it will be.

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