Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Faith's saying

Faith is just over 18 months and she has developed quite the repertoire of phrases.  Here are a few of her my favorites.

Dat uz fun-knee.  (That was funny.)  This was the first phrase Faith ever said.  I still remember how she was listening to me and David talk and he said something that made me laugh.  Then Faith fake laughed and then plain as day said, "Dat uz fun-knee," shocking both me and David.

I uv ewe.  (I love you.)  This was the next sentence we heard Faith say.  And she said it to David first.  I'm sure he will treasure that moment always.

Ah!  It stare me!  (Ah!  It scared me!)  I have a feeling that Faith is going to like scary movies.  She loves to pretend to be scared.  

Ow!  It bii me!  (Ow!  It bit me!)  She likes saying that even if nothing was there to bite her.  For example, if Faith stubs her toe on something she automatically says it bit her.  

I wun pay!  (I want to pray.)  This one warms my heart so much.  Anytime Faith has food in front of her, whether it's breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, she sweetly folds her hands together, presses them to her forehead and says, "I wun pay!" and waits for me, David, or Grace to say a blessing.   I love that at such an early age she knows how important it is to take a moment and thank our good Lord for all the many blessings He gives us.

I wun shews!  (I want shoes!)  This baby definitely has a shoe fetish.  She thinks that everyone should have on a pair of shoes.  She even likes to sleep with hers on.

I wun boot!  (I want a book!)    Faith loves looking at books but she does not like us to actually read them to her.  She just wants us to hold her in our lap and let her look at the book as she flips the pages.  If we actually try to read or turn a page a complete and utter temper tantrum results.

I wun tuh-er!  (I want to color!)  Faith really likes to color now.  She likes to color on paper, on the countertops, the carpet, tiles, bedroom sheets, the walls, her arms, legs, and bellybutton.  Basically, anything she thinks needs a little spicing up.  So I have to be diligent and keep all crayons, markers, pens, and pencils hidden until I can actually watch to see what she wants to color.

Tank ewe Momma!  (Thank you, Momma!)  It doesn't matter if David gives her something or Grace or anyone, Faith usually responds with "Tank ewe, Momma," and a sweet, sweet smile.

Doe pah-ee!  (Go potty!)  This is a phrase she uses constantly when we take Chloe for walks.  She also uses it whenever Grace goes potty or when she wants to sit on the potty.  It does not mean that she will actually go potty.  Rather that she wants to pretend.  And lately she's turned it into the song, "Doe, doe, doe, doe. PAH-EE!"

I boo booed.  (I poo pooed.)  I tee teed.  (I tee teed.)   That alone tells me she could be potty trained.  We're trying but that potty seems to "stare" her.  She sits and sits and then starts to fidget until I take her off.  As soon as her diaper goes on, Faith sighs, smiles, and proudly says, "I boo booed" or "I tee teed" according to whichever bodily function she just performed.

Peas!  (Please!)  This has been a challenge to teach to Faith.  For the last six months or so whenever Faith would ask for something we would tell her to say 'please.'  Her response was to look down and away from us and she absolutely refused to say it.  And nothing we did or said would make her say that one little word.  Then one day I guess she got tired of doing without whatever she wanted (book, bow, pacifier, etc.) and finally said "Peas!" with the sweetest of smiles like it was no big deal.  Now she says it and she rubs her hand over her chest saying it in sign language, too.

Mohr!  (More!)  This is a simple one.  She says it loudly and often.

Mmm-EYE-n!  (MINE!)  Faith usually shouts this one.  And it's usually followed by Grace yelling back, "No!"  Unless I see it with my own eyes, I'm never certain about who had it first.  Typically it's a toy that Grace had and Faith wants to take it away.  Faith is something of a bully to her big sister and until recently Grace always just gave in to Faith.  For a while now, we've been trying to teach Faith that she can't take things from others and we're trying to get Grace to learn to stand up for herself.  She's 4 years old and lets her 18 month old baby sister run all over her...

I wun bow!  (I want a bow.)  She wants a hairbow to keep her bangs out of her eyes but that doesn't mean she'll actually keep it in her hair.  Faith likes to play a little game by pulling it out and then handing it back to me or David while saying, "I wun bow!"  Silly girl.

Oh pri-ee!  (So pretty!)  After we've put Faith's bow back in her hair for the umpteenth time, she runs over to the sofa, climbs up, and then looks in the mirror and says, "Oh pri-ee!"

Aye!  (Hey!)  Eh-woah!  (Hello!)   Bye-bye!  Faith could be talking to a complete stranger, one of us, on the phone, or even to a bird out the window but whenever she says, "Aye," "Eh-woah!" or "Bye-bye!" she grins as big as she possibly can and enthusiastically flaps her entire arm up and down like a wet spaghetti noodle.  It's the cutest thing ever.

Bee bee!  (Baby!)  Faith is currently fascinated by babies both dolls and real babies.  And it's a good thing, too, since we'll have another one in the house in just a couple of months.

Hole me!  (Hold me.)  Faith does like to be held.  And she likes to cuddle.  I wonder how she's going to take to having a little one at home that needs to be held, too.  I think Faith may has some adjusting to do.

Foan!  (Phone!) Faith loves to hold and talk into a phone.  And it doesn't matter if it's her plastic toy phone, our house phone, or her Daddy's smartphone.  She tries to prop it on her shoulder and then she just jabbers away.  Sometimes I can understand what she's saying but most of the time I can't.

Off!  This can be in regards to turning the lights off or in taking her clothes off.  Just like her big sister, Faith likes to be naked.

Moan!  (C'mon!)  Doe wok!  (Go walk!)  Faith adores being outside and loves to take Chloe for a walk.  Lately she's been wanting to take Puppy Friend with us, too.  Which is fine as long as Grace is in school...

Eye, tew, fee!  (One, two, three!)  We count to three every time we let her jump from the sofa or table or countertop and we catch her.  It didn't take her long to learn 1, 2, 3, but I worry that she'll start counting and I won't be there to catch her because that little girl is fearless.

Uh burd! (A bird!)  Teet teet!  (Tweet tweet!)  Faith loves birds.  And she often yells "Burd!" at them scaring them away and then she calls out "Teet teet!"  trying to convince them to come back.

Waird it doe?  (Where did it go?)  Faith almost always can be heard asking this after she's scared the birds away failed to convince them to fly back.

I know there are a lot more things that Faith says but for now this is all that comes to my mind. 

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