Friday, February 10, 2012

Faith's 18 month checkup

Today was Faith's 18 month checkup although she was a little overdue for it - about 3 weeks overdue.
 It was the first time she got to stand on the big girl scale.  She wasn't impressed.
 She sat quietly and colored on paper while we waited for her doctor.
 Faith really likes to color now.  She may be an artist in the making.
 And she's such a sweet little girl.
But Faith has her dark side, too.  This is her "mean girl face."  You say "mean girl" and this is the look she gives.

Her doctor visit went great.  She does have an ear infection and she did get 3 booster shots which she did not enjoy.  She weighs 24 pounds (45th percentile) and is 34 inches tall (85th percentile).  Still looking tall and skinny.  Her next appointment is when she turns 2.

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