Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beach condo

Grace was feeling great after her surgery and wanted to go to the beach.  So to the beach we went.  While in the area, we arranged to see a condo that's on the market.  We've been contemplating making an investment.
 The unit we saw is on the first floor.
 It has a pretty open floor plan with a nice sized kitchen.
 This is the master bedroom.
 With doors going outside and a nice view.
 There are two bathrooms just alike.  This is the master's.  It's small but functional.
Here is the second bedroom. It's quite large with a exceptional closet.
 And a third bedroom with bunkbeds!
 There's even a washer and dryer.  Love that!
 It actually comes furnished - which is wonderful.  The sofa has a bed hidden inside.
 This is the view from the kitchen and family space.
 Here it is again zoomed in 3x.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my bigger lens.  You really can see the ocean from the room without any problems.
 This walkway is right outside the unit and leads to the pool.
 And it's a large pool indeed.
 Then there is a boardwalk to the beach itself.
 Beside the sidewalk are these cute chairs overlooking the beach.
 And what a nice and private beach it is!
 All throughout the grounds are shady little niches you can sit and enjoy.
 There are tennis courts.
 A gym.
And an indoor heated pool.

David and I are seriously considering making a bid.  We think it could be a wonderful investment that we could also enjoy ourselves.  We could go visit and stay when it wasn't rented out and there's enough space that we could also bring our families.  We're going to pray about it and if it's meant for us, it will happen.  And if it's not meant to be, then we can walk away just as easily.

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