Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seth's prom

Tonight Seth is going to his first prom.  And he had his two older sisters help him get ready.
 We straightened his hair.  Seth's hair is almost as curly as Grace's hair.
 And stood it up.
 Then swept it to the side.
 And pushed it to the back.  Doesn't he look like Twilight's Edward.  Seth "hearts" Edward, y'know.
 But eventually he took a shower and wore it curly as usual.
 Next, Hope helped him button his shirt up straight.
 Seth managed to put on his pants all by himself.
 But he needed help with his cuff links.
 My baby brother is wearing cuff links!
 He looks so handsome!  And grown up!
 I love his two tone shoes.   So retro and super cool!
 I can't believe how growny he looks!  When did he grow up?  Just yesterday, he was toddler running around outside trying to take his clothes off and be naked...
 Then I convinced him to go outside for a few pictures.
 He's doing his "model" walk.
 He really is a handsome fella.
 Then I took a picture of him with his ride.  He borrowed Hope's SUV.
And he left to go pick up his date.
 But he brought her back to meet us.
 She was adorable.  She took her shoes off and got comfy with us. 
 Seth took his jacket off and laid it on the back of a chair.
 Then he leaned in for another picture.
 Before long it was time for them to go, so I convinced them to go outside for a few more pictures.
After all, Seth is my only baby brother.  He's almost like my child since there's close to 14 years difference between us. 
 Although maybe I shouldn't admit that.  It makes me feel old.
I really did like his date.  I spent most of the day trying to convnce Seth to let me go as a chaperone to the prom.  I'm cool.  I can hang.  And I can dance!  You know my favorites:  the twist, shopping at the grocery store, the lawn mower, the YMCA.  Rachael agreed I'd be awesome.
 But Seth wouldn't have it.  He thought I'd cramp his style.
 So eventually I wished them well and hoped they had some fun using the dance moves I demonstrated.
 And before I knew it, Seth was opening up the door for his date.
 And backing out the driveway.
And heading off to prom with a small piece of my heart.  It's so hard watching him grow up.  If I feel this way about him going off to prom, I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when he heads off to college next year.  Or when he gets married... 

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