Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waiting on the moon

The moon is supposed to be closer to Earth than it has been in close to 2 decades.
 So we went to the pier to wait for it, camera in tow.
 Typically we can see the moon rise over our building as the sun sets over the water.  But not tonight. 
 So we decided to keep on waiting and enjoy the sunset together.
 Meanwhile Grace wanted to see the crabs.
 So David helped her pull up the crab traps.
 No crabs in any of them.
 Then David pointed out a jet in the sky.
 Right over downtown.
 First, there was one.
Then two!
 And three!  We counted a total of eleven flying in the sky simultaneously.
 Grace sure loves watching the sky with her Daddy.
 So does Faith.
We waited on that moon until it was dark outside and we never did see it.  We even came back outside after 9:00 and still couldn't find it.  All the stars were out brighter than ever with no clouds in sight, but still  no moon.  I guess he decided to take the night off.  But that was okay, we simply enjoyed being together as a family.  Moon or no moon.

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