Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting ready for a bridal shower

My mother threw a shower for her nephew, Timothy who is getting married this June.  I made the cakes for the shower.
And I had two little helpers, Grace, and Avery.  They were my taste testers...
In order to stop them from sneaking icing off my cakes, I wrote their names in icing on an empty platter to keep them occupied.  It didn't last long, though.
Here's Emilee's cake.
And this is cake is for Timothy.  Timothy is every bit the firebug that his daddy and all his other relatives are.  Therefore, I made a bonfire cake!  The bridal princess is supposed to be Emilee and the dude from Toy Story is supposed to be Timothy.  Everyone else is just random bystanders.  The pretzel sticks make up the bonfire that I planned to douse with coconut rum and then set on fire.  For those of you who don't know, Timothy is the one who shall we say "enlivened" the bonfire at my engagement party...
So we thought it was fitting for Timothy to have a bonfire of his own.  I planned to color the cake with orange flames below the pretzel sticks with green grass around, but wouldn't you know I went off and forgot my food coloring.  And I just didn't have time to make a run to the store - so we ended up with a white on white cake.  Still, I think it turned out alright. 

As for a real bonfire, it was just too wet and rainy to have the type of bonfire Timothy would prefer, so the cake had to make do.  Of course, Timothy simply suggested pouring gasoline over the wet wood so it would burn...
For the shower, we tied navy and white tulle around the backs of the chairs.
And covered the tables with white linens.
Then we made these tissue paper balls to hang above the cake and punch table.

Grace and I really like these tissue paper balls.  I think I'm going to make some for my girls' room.
We used my old wedding centerpieces on the tables.
And I think the room looked beautiful when we finished.

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