Sunday, March 27, 2011

Merry meadow photoshoot

Seth wore his tuxedo to church today and I dressed the girls up, too.
 So we took pictures outside.  And that's a mighty fine looking family.
 I took several of just Seth and his nieces.
 I love natural shots.  And here's Grace just being Grace.
 Then she picked a flower for Seth.
 She really is a sweetie.
Then they all sat down in the grass for a bit.
 Grace said she was a little itchy.  Of course.
 This is one of my favorites.  They are all looking at the camera and Faith and Grace have the same expression on their faces.
 It didn't last for long, though.  Grace had to give her "Sess" a hug.
 Then Seth took a few of me with my girls.
 This is the first time I've had any of just me with both girls.
 I was surprised I could get them to sit still long enough.
 Of course, the still moments are very fleeting.  Do you see Faith?  She watches every little thing Grace does.
But Grace came running back and showed me her lollipop sticky spot on her sleeve.
And then I got a nice hug, too.

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