Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlotte is here to stay. For now. As long as she stays in hiding.

Momma, what are you doing?
I'm dusting your ceiling.
What are you dusting off of it?
Well, baby, there's a spider web way up there that I'm trying to get down.
A spider web?
Yes, a spider web.
STOP!  Momma, STOP!  You leave that Charlotte's web alone!  That's her home!
That's Charlotte's home!  And Charlotte's my friend!  I LOVE CHARLOTTE!
Well, then.   Okay.  I guess.  Let me know if you change your mind.

Grace loves the movie Charlotte's Web. 
I couldn't believe that she related cute and cuddly Charlotte to actual spider webs in our house.  Although that may be because we haven't actually seen any spiders in our house.  Yet.  And I hope we don't.  Ever.
Because I have a feeling that if Grace actually saw a spider like this, then she wouldn't have any problem whatsoever with me eradicating it from her room.  Even if that spider's name was Charlotte.  In fact, I think she'd insist upon it...  And if I ever see a spider like this in my house, I'm sure eskimos in Alaska will hear me yelling...

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